Devil May Cry 5 : beautiful animation and an incredible moveset

There are swords and guns, of course, which you use interchangeably to create flowing, acrobatic combos. Alternatively, Devil May Cry’s ageing original hero Dante can hit demons with two halves of a haunted motorbike. Nero can slap on one of seven mechanical arms that can punch enemies with a big electric fist, or shoot rocket fists that punch demons from a distance. The magical antihero V commands a demonic condor and a panther to hit demons for him.

When the space opens up, I know exactly what’s coming: a fight with demonic hordes with strange, bloody membranes blocking every exit. Once I kill the skeletons and lizard monsters, I’ll be free to move through the next ghastly hallway on my way to kill even more undead creatures. The life of a demon hunter might sound mundane, a repetitive existence of whirring blades, smoking guns, and copious amounts of blood. It’s a job, after all.Devil May Cry 5’s reliance on the rule of cool is uncompromising, and I found it grating until about halfway through my 15 hours with the game — when I began to see it for what it is, and found a way to meet it on its own terms.Guided by series newcomer V, legendary demon hunter Dante and his erstwhile bud Nero square off against Urizen, only to face an astounding defeat at the start of the game. Nero survives, while Dante goes missing. Some time later, Nero embarks on a journey to set right was went wrong and save the world.Reading enemy movements or trapping them in unending combos is of paramount importance, with defensive options relatively strict in their timing; you can’t get by just wildly hammering attacks and trusting your reactions.


Dante has a sword and dual pistols, but he expands his arsenal throughout game, which includes fun and flashy weapons like two motorcycle wheels. These big weapons feel great and heavy when you use them, and you can even combine them together to ride a full motorcycle into enemies.Once you get the hang of it, though, Devil May Cry 5 builds into the stylish carnage that the series is famous for. The joy of a character action game, be it Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising, or Bayonetta, is learning how to make hacking and head-stomping as graceful as a dance. Devil May Cry 5 is a subtle waltz where missing a button press by even a half-beat can have dire consequences. The allure of Devil May Cry isn’t simply the chance to play as a deadly demon hunter; it’s a chance to feel completely in control of your body.It all looks extremely pretty, but can also hurt combat readability, especially when you’re trying to come to grips with new foes. A similar issue arises with the level design: every environment, whether grey crumbling ruin or fleshy body-horror landscape, looks so immaculate that it’s occasionally difficult to tell which parts are purely aesthetic and which you can interact with.A demon called Urizen is using a bad tree called the Qliphoth to drain the city of all its blood and it’s up to the trio to fight through his minions to stop him. The story is preposterous, genuinely funny at points, and supported by earnest performances and quality performance capture.

You start the game as Nero, a silver-haired demon hunter who wields a giant sword, a pistol, and a prosthetic arm that doubles as a grappling hook. At the outset, a hellish plant-like creature is taking over an entire city, sinking its roots into buildings and roads and just generally turning it into a hell on earth. Naturally, this involves hordes of monsters ranging from giant bugs with explosive abdomens to floating masks that wield giant scissors. One of the best things about the game is its hideously inventive creature designs, which offer new and disturbing takes on familiar monsters like fiery hellbats and scythe-wielding skeletons.Devil May Cry 5 is built on the series’ impenetrable lore, which lies in the uncomfortable space between baffling and inconsequential. I control a trio of brooding men while largely objectified women sit on the sidelines. I navigate plot twists that don’t mean anything to me unless I dig through fan wikis.

The Verdict –

Nothing about the game is subtle. It doesn’t have to be. It’s a gory, metalcore-driven, imperfect romp. It didn’t ask me for much — just 15 hours of my time and a willingness to admit that, all right, dragging a motorcycle across a demon’s face is, in fact, pretty badass. Devil May Cry 5 is a firework. If you’re the one with the lighter, then setting the explosion off is as simple as flicking your finger. If you’re watching someone else, it’s more than enough to enjoy the bright colors and noise. Players looking to get dazzled will find themselves spellbound, while those who dig deeper will find a rewarding and expressive combat system.